Saturday, July 24, 2010


Star Wars is on the top of Grant's favorites list. His Dad is huge into autographs so the two came together and Grant got his first autograph. Grant wrote a letter and his Dad mailed it off.
Everyday after that Grant would ask, "Did I get any mail today?"

And our answer was always, "Not today."

Then the day finally arrived and he got his first autograph in the mail and to make it even more special it was inside a LucasArts envelope. The picture says it all!

More surprises

We have been in the new house almost one year. Surprises are plenty here and this time we found grapes and were able to pick tons today! We have always wanted grapevines. If you live close by feel free to come pick some.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Been gone a long time

Been super busy, you would think summer would get us to slow down but it doesn't. Will be blogging again soon. Wanted to share what we saw in the backyard. It is very fast so therefore it is a bit of a blur.
It's a heron and the first one we have seen in the wild. Sometimes we get lucky and get to watch it but that is rare. If it hears any sound it quickly flies away. It is beautiful and loves the frogs in our pond.